Institute of Gandhian Studies

Institute of Gandhian Studies

Established in memory of Jamnalal Bajaj in October 1987, the Institute of Gandhian Studies at Wardha has kept Gandhiji's ideologies alive and thriving amongst his keen followers.

The Institute offers an entire spectrum of courses and training, conducts research and seminars, provides counseling and evaluation services and undertakes publication work on various topics of Gandhian thoughts and actions. The various courses conducted in the campus or in different states by the Institute include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma recognised by the university
  • Short term course for university students from all over India
  • Regional camps in regional languages for grassroots workers as well as university students
  • Three month course for women constructive workers
  • Inter religious study courses on main religions
  • Courses for workers of trade union, panchayat raj and rural activists
  • Study courses on peace, non-violence and conflict resolution

Gandhiji, the world's early environmentalist, strongly advocated conservation of natural resources. It is only fitting that the Institute's campus has become the venue of the first district level Renewable Energy Education Park of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. Dedicated measures are also being taken to develop the campus as an eco- friendly model for energy and water conservation.