Beyond Profits

Bajaj is more than a corporate identity. It is a catalyst for social empowerment. Its goodwill resonates in the two simple words that live in the collective consciousness of Indians - Hamara Bajaj. Bajaj is not just about making and delivering products and services. It's not even about profits and turnovers. Bajaj is about touching every Indian. One way or the other, eve ....

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Jankidevi Bajaj

Jankidevi Bajaj, born on 7th January, 1893 in a well-to-do Vaishnav Marwari business family, was the wife of Jamnalal Bajaj. Jankidevi followed in Jamnalalji's footsteps and identified herself with the Gandhian movement. This video shows the life history of Jankidevi Bajaj.

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